Breast Augmentation Surgery for Older Women 40+ Years Old by Dr. Boris Ackerman

As womens’ bodies age, many of them begin to feel that their breasts are not looking like they used to. After 40, many women report that they feel their breasts have begun to look flatter, saggier, and more deflated, leading to insecurity and a desire to recapture their bust and overall figure.breast augmentation older women

Once child-rearing is over, with all its difficulties and demands, many women are looking at breast augmentation more and more after they’ve turned 40 and beyond.

Experienced breast augmentation surgeons like California’s Dr. Boris Ackerman have even reported that, with menopause looming for a woman, mere exercise and dieting are not guarantees that she’ll be able to ward off the effects of having children.

Why Breast Augmentation Makes Sense for Older Women

For these women, breast augmentation makes sense too: while it’s perfectly safe for younger women to have breast augmentation surgery, women who have waited until 40 do have some upsides. While their breasts have lost their youthful volume after breast feeding, on the other hand, these women won’t have to consider feeding with implants, which can be a benefit.

Dr. Boris Ackerman Breast Augmentation Surgeon in CaliforniaDr. Ackerman has indicated that feeding a child with implants is safe, but some women, a small subset, may have additional challenges after surgery. For a woman over 40, these concerns need not even enter her thoughts, leaving her to enjoy her new-found perkiness once breast augmentation or a breast list is complete.

Pursuing the Right Form of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now a big question on many women’s minds is whether or not implants will affect their routine mammograms. This is a great question, and one that Dr. Ackerman has mentioned he gets regularly from women over 40 years old, who are mindful of their health as well as their appearance.

By placing the implant beneath the muscle, separate from the breast glad itself, Dr. Ackerman indicates this allows for regular mammograms and check ups without worry. In addition, he says, while some women are concerned about an implant breaking or leaking because of a mammogram, he puts them at ease, indicating that this also should not occur as long as the implants are replaced every 10 years as they should be to ensure their integrity.

With these thoughts in mind, breast augmentation surgery remains a safe, popular trend with women over 40 years old who are looking to recapture their shape.

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